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Beautiful Wedding at The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel in Nashville, TN | Risen Vintage Photography

Sarah and Joseph exchanged their vows at The Rhinestone Wedding Chapel on a crisp February night. Even with a chill in the air the atmosphere was nothing but warm and loving. As I got to work photographing, I saw smiles everywhere.

I know I saw smiles from the bride and the groom. I met Sarah and Joseph when I photographed their engagement session. We had so much fun together and they were easy-going and relaxed. Sarah and I both LOVE to thrift shop and find treasures among what some would consider "trash." I love that we have that in common and that we've become friends during this process. I love to get to know my couples and enjoy learning about their relationship.

See how beautiful their relationship is and how it is reflected in their wedding images.

Wedding Rings
woman wearing grandmother's necklace
mom helping bride put on her veil
woman looking up at prayer sign
black and white image of a woman in her wedding dress
man buttoning his shirt on his wedding day
mother hugging her son on his wedding day with smiles on both of their faces
groom overcome with emotion looking down on his wedding day

bride and groom holding hands while saying vows at their wedding
woman putting on her husband's wedding band at the altar
man kissing a woman
man and woman embracing
man hugging woman from behind
man and woman with their hands placed on the bible

Their wedding was so beautiful! You can tell these two were meant to be. The looks in their eyes said it all.

If you're looking for unposed, authentic moments that make those inspiring images, it's time to contact me! Go to my contact page and send me a message today!


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