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Charming Nuptials in Ashland City | Risen Vintage Photography

When I met Pam and Barry for coffee at Golly G's in Pleasant View to discuss their wedding, I was thrilled that I was available to photograph their love. Their wedding was last minute and planned within a few weeks! I photographed their engagement pictures the week before their wedding. We had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs for their engagement session, so I knew that it would be the same carefree and fun vide during their wedding.

And it was! We had a lot of fun taking pictures and both of their families were really nice and welcoming. They had wanted a small wedding, but more people wanted in on the fun so it ended up being a bigger occasion than they had originally planned. I bet they were super happy that those people wanted to be a part of their special day and that they were able to attend. It was a hot and and sunny day, but we found shade and pretty spots for photos. I captured the joy of the day and those intimate moments between family members and friends.