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Lovely Wedding in Old Hickory | Risen Vintage Photography

DaVonna has been one of my biggest cheerleaders since moving to Nashville and pursuing photography full-time. She saw my talent and I am so thankful for that. DaVonna and Terrance's wedding was the first one I booked in the Nashville area and I was so excited to capture their special day. It was a VERY hot day in Old Hickory, but it was a GREAT day.

DaVonna and Terrance were so nervous, excited and elated on their wedding day. You can tell by looking at their pictures, that they are made for each other. Before walking down the aisle, they played the video of Terrance proposing to DaVonna and her saying, "I have so many people to call!" It was adorable and comical. After saying their vows and becoming man and wife we went to the reception where people stood up and talked about the happy couple and wished them well.

After that, they headed out with family and friends to celebrate. They went to Las Vegas for their honey moon and wore matching T-Shirts with pictures from their engagement session I photographed printed on them. This entire wedding and friendship with them has made my photographer heart so happy!

I am so excited for them and this marriage. If you're interested in booking a wedding with me, contact me today! If you'd like to follow along with my daily life and work follow me on Instagram and Facebook.

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