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About Risen Vintage

About Me: Hi there! I’m Rachel. Most days you’ll find me entertaining my toddler or working on a crafty project. I graduated with a fashion merchandising degree in 2016 and began a creative marketing career. I always loved photography, but it became a serious passion for me while I was working my full-time job. In 2019, I decided I HAD to be a photographer full-time and I couldn't be happier to be living out my dream job! Risen Vintage was named so because I wanted to breathe new life into the vintage, film-like look of photography.

My camera? It’s the tool I use to capture all kinds of love. The love of a new husband and wife. The love of a little boy looking up at his mom. The love of a dad giving away his daughter on her wedding day. I am a photographer, a lover of authenticity, and a storyteller. I created Risen Vintage so that I could combine my creative talents to give my clients the best possible experience because you deserve it!

What is Risen Vintage? Risen Vintage offers a photography experience for those who desire authentic and inspiring images in the Nashville, TN area and beyond. We all lead busy lives. My goal for you is to take the stress out of hiring a professional photographer. I make the booking process simple and easy! Everything is done electronically, you can do everything from your smartphone. 


Don't worry about how you look or where to put your hands during our session! I guide all of my clients through the photography process, explaining what the session or wedding experience will be like with me. I will direct you so that you can relax and let me capture authentic moments that make inspiring images. Contact me today to book and receive the best possible experience!

Follow me on Instagram to see my latest images,  adventures, and shenanigans!


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