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3 Tips to Help You Find Your Photo Editing Style | Risen Vintage Photography

Let me guess, you’ve stared at a picture you’ve edited a thousand times and thought, “Ugh, it’s still not right!” Well, we’ve all been there. I can’t think of one photographer who didn’t struggle with finding their editing style. Oh, and guess what? Your style may change and evolve and there’s nothing wrong with that! So without further ado here are three tips to help you find your photo editing style.

Tip #1: Do What Makes You Happy!

When scrolling through social media, some images speak to you more than others. Whether it’s a moody image with darker shadows and blacks or a light and airy image with raised highlights and whites, certain edits resonate more with you. Even if you like and appreciate an image your style will be the style that makes you happiest. When you’re editing your images think about what makes you smile the most. You’ll finish editing an image and think, “Wow, I love this.” If you aren’t getting that reaction, then that is not the style for you.