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My boyfriend turned fiance and I went to Amsterdam, Paris and London and then spent a week with his family at their lake house in the Ozark Mountains. The trip was amazing beyond words, but I will try to find the words to describe it. I will also show you the experiences we getting engaged in Paris!


We arrived in Amsterdam a little groggy and tired. Being on a plane for 9 hours isn't the fun part of traveling. We went out to eat and shopped around at local shops. We kept it pretty low-key and just walked around the city taking in the beautiful canals. We had booked experiences on Airbnb, but they were canceled due to rain. We visited Rijksmuseum the Dutch national museum for arts and history, took pictures by the Iamsterdam sign, ate good Dutch food, and walked all around the city taking pictures. Amsterdam was full of life, but didn't have that big city feel. Bikes lined the streets and everyone was friendly and accommodating to us only-English speakers. I would definitely go back to this city to experience more.

Our view from our canal house Airbnb