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Baby Bump

My best friend is pregnant! I got to shoot her maternity photos and it was so much fun. We were all laughing, even though it was pretty cold. But it was colder for them, because they flew up from Texas to see family in Pennsylvania. At first we did shots with just the happy couple, but then it was a family affair when we decided to go looking for more spots to shoot. We had her mom, aunt, uncle, niece, and grandma all trekking down a dirt road. Since her family is in the country, there were great opportunities for backdrops. We got the barn, some trees, and the frosted pond in the shots.

We have been friends for over 20 years and she is pretty much my sister. I got to feel little Elise move and that was such a magical thing! I am so happy for her and her husband. We got some quality alone time, which I was thankful for. Everyone needs their friend time! We also got to chat with her family and friends and it was a really good time.

I hope everyone had a great new year celebration! Time spent with friends and family is always a blessing and I look forward to all the memories of 2018.

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