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All Smiles at Harlinsdale Farm

The Park at Harlinsdale Farm was the perfect setting for this lovely family session! It was a bright, sunny, and hot day. We found some shade that was great for taking pictures and I told the three-year-old to put his gummies in his pocket so we could start taking pictures and he corrected me and told me that they were, in fact, called fruit snacks. My bad! We always called them gummies growing up. He put his FRUIT SNACKS wrapper in his pocket and we started with those famous family group shots.

After the group shots of the entire family, we took pictures in different groups and individually. I asked who the klutz of the family was and they singled out one of the girls. I got her to smile really big when I was taking her headshot picture by reminding her of her epic fail that happened at Applebee's they had mentioned earlier. It was a delight to work with this family!

Do you think authentic moments were captured? I do! I created Risen Vintage to capture authentic moments and create inspiring images for years to come. Contact me today to discuss booking a session and be sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook to learn more about me and my business!

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