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Mother and Son Day of Fun!

Another returning client! I photographed this mother and son duo in October 2017. I was just starting my photography business as a side job to pair with my full-time marketing job. I wanted to feed my passion and learn more about photographing portraits. We had the little guy run around and we played hide and go seek at that first session.

This session we talked about Star Wars and let me tell you, this guy was excited! He LOVED Star Wars. When I asked him who his favorite character was he said, "All of them." If that isn't dedication, I don't know what is. He also was fascinated by the birds flying around us. He kept pointing them out and yelling, "Take a picture, take a picture." I took some pictures, but my lens wasn't made for bird photography, it was made for portraits. For all of my photography peeps, I was using a 24-70 mm lens so you can see that the picture of the bird in a tree would not be a close-up one at that focal length.

Despite not getting any good pictures of birds, we had a great time! His attention span did not last long, but as all of you know, that tends to be the norm for children. When photographing children I start with the family pictures where they have to smile and look at the camera. From there, I let them have fun and do their own thing. See what I mean in the pictures from this session!

Let me capture authentic moments of your family. If your looking to book a family session, contact me today! You can also follow me on Instagram and Facebook to see daily images and deals!

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