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Family Day at the Cleveland Museum of Art

Apparently titling my session blogs with names isn't the best move for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so I will be titling my session blogs differently from here on out! I photographed this little girl and her mother back in October 2018 right after I had upgraded and bought a nicer camera. I was so glad they were patient with me as I tried out the camera on their mother/daughter family session.

Now in May 2019 I am an expert at using my camera and I love it sooo much. I also loved the images I took of their family and was super excited to photograph them again along with another member of their beautiful family! We met at the Cleveland Museum of Art because I was in the Cleveland/Akron area finalizing details for my wedding in October 2019. I will periodically make trips to Ohio to see my family and will definitely be holding sessions when I visit. Do not fret, Ohio clients!

So, the first time we had a session it rained and this time it was windy and looked like it was about to rain, but thankfully, it did not rain! We made it through the session with laughs and dancing and people almost getting in my shot haha. I'm elated that the pictures turned out so beautifully. I always have a great time with this family.

My client messaged me this after the session, "Thank you for today! You are so wonderful and make it so much less stressful! I’m so excited to see the moments you captured!" She literally described what I strive to achieve for every session. Authentic moments being captured. Remember to follow me on Instagram and Facebook to follow along with my shenanigans! Contact me today to book a session and let me capture authentic moments and create inspiring images for you!

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