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March Adventures

I have exciting adventures planned this month! Adam's family is coming the third week of March. They can see our new home and we will all go explore the area. We're planning on going hiking and seeing a concert at The Caverns in Chattanooga. Adam and I haven't been to Chattanooga, but we've heard great things. I'm excited to have people over to see how our new home is coming along! We have finally found a couch we love, so it should be here by the time they get here!

Mixed in with all these fun plans I have some great sessions booked for March. I still have slots available for March Mini Sessions, but they will go fast, so message me today to secure your spot! I'll be announcing April Mini Sessions in about two weeks, so if you want a spring mini session be on the look out for those!

All in all, I will have a busy, exciting March with my future in-laws visiting, a styled wedding shoot, visiting my best friend and photographing awesome clients! I can't wait to see what this month brings and the beautiful photographs I will take. See below for some amazing images I captured last month and be sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with my lovely shenanigans throughout the month!

Risen Vintage Couple Photography

Risen Vintage Engagement Photography

Risen Vintage Engagement Photography

Risen Vintage Engagement Photography

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