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Excitement in the Air

I am VERY EXCITED that we are moving to Nashville this weekend!!! I am also a little anxious to just get there and get settled. We are in love with our house-to-be, but we have a lot of purchasing to do including furniture and big ticket items like a refrigerator and a washer and dryer. We're very happy with our outdoor space. We have a beautiful fire pit on our patio and gorgeous woods on almost 2 acres of land. A new home means new decor, so you can bet this girl will have fun searching for deals. We're going to Costco (oh, yeahhhh) for most of our needs and then I'll shop for the cute home decor things at thrift shops and antique stores.

I will have my very own in-home studio set up and I am ecstatic. I can't wait to make magic in my very own indoor space. I also can't wait to grow my business in Nashville! I already have clients booking for February in the area. Be sure to take advantage of my February special where you'll receive 15 professionally edited images for $100.00! Contact me today to learn more. Spots are filling up fast!

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