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On the Road

Adam and I (my fiance) have been traveling our butts off and we still have more to come. We went to Kansas City this past weekend where we attended his grandma's 80th birthday party. I got to meet his dad's side of the family and we adventured about a bit eating at yummy restaurants like Gram & Dun and The Farmhouse. I captured the largest group portrait I have ever taken with about 30 people in frame and we all had fun celebrating his grandma's 80 years.

After Kansas City, we spent one night back in Cleveland (I know, only one) and then we woke up and drove to Nashville. We spent the entire five days looking for houses, researching houses, and being shown houses. We narrowed our search down to what we wanted and I'm glad we figured out and agreed on what we felt like home was.

Next, we are spending Christmas with my family here in Cleveland and then we are off the day after Christmas to stay at Adam's parents' house in Houston through New Year's Day. I've made plans to visit with my family that live in Houston as well. It's going to be a great way to end 2018!

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