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October so far...

A lot has happened since my last blog post! I have worked with Natasha, Judy, and had two fall mini sessions that make me smile ear to ear when I see them! I also have BIG NEWS....I bought a new camera! The Nikon D750 to be exact. I am still in the process of learning everything it has to offer. I have been so excited to use it and grow as a photographer with this new camera.

I used the camera during my fall mini sessions and I can't get enough of it! Plus, the photos are absolutely precious. My first fall mini session was with Kristina and Ellia. The cutest mother/daughter pairing! We had the mini session at Squire's Castle and of course it was raining! The rain didn't stop us from having fun though! Ellia said that they could get dirty because, "We have a washing machine at home." I thought that was hilarious, but very true! She also took ideas right from my head for different pictures. Maybe she's a future photographer? We shall see.

My second fall mini session was with my best friend's four children. It was more impromptu, but I feel the best photos are from real, natural moments. The kids ran around and I followed them and captured special photographs of all of them. We even had the only boy of four stand on a wood pile acting "rugged." He loved it! All of the children had fun with me and they asked me so many questions just as kids like to do. All of the images from these two fall mini sessions will be coming soon!

My career and personal life have taken on a new beginning as well. I have quit my job and will be working full time on photography until my boyfriend and I find out where we'll be moving for his job. In the mean time we will be traveling a lot the month of November. Therefore, I have little availability for my holiday mini and full sessions:

Mini holiday sessions: $100.00 for 30 digital edited images for a 30 minute session.

Full holiday sessions: $200.00 for 50 digital edited images for a 60 minute session.

Contact me today for more information! Have a great day!

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