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Puerto Rico

Soaking in the streets, the color, and the people around me was unreal. Puerto Rico has such a rich culture. You can feel it as you walk around. The heat and the laid-back unhurried pace of people around you is a vast difference from the go-go of places like Cleveland, Ohio. We are always wanting more and we always expect convenience. It was nice to slow down and enjoy a long weekend in a beautiful place.

We stayed in Old San Juan at the Decanter Hotel the first night. We had a terrace room and stepping out there and seeing the city spread out was amazing. The last two nights we stayed at an Airbnb in Luquillo right on the beach! We drove through El Yunque Rainforest and had delicious smoothies at Degree 18 Juice Bar. All of the food we ate was impeccable! Overall, it was an amazing trip and I would definitely visit again!

La Coca Waterfall

La Cocoa Waterfall

The view from our hotel in Old San Juan

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