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The Twisted Olive

Well, first off, I always have a great time with my bestie Morgan. I went to visit her in Canton and we had an abundance of fun together, even while packing boxes for her to move. We started off how all girl time does, with a lot of talking. We then got ready and headed to the park to take some beautiful pictures. The Twisted Olive was our next stop. We went there for dessert and drinks. I will say that we had exceptional service after an irritating wait time. Morgan and I went outside to sit on the patio and were not offered a menu or brought water glasses for about 15 minutes, maybe longer until we went inside and sat at the bar. When we did sit at the bar we explained we weren't super happy, the bartender told the manager and not only did he come apologize to us in person, but they also gave us our dessert free of charge. That's good customer service. The wine and dessert we got were both absolutely delicious.

It was the Pro Football Hall of Fall Enshrinement Festival in Canton so the town was bustling with people. We even chased down where a hot air balloon landed and got some pictures of them floating in the sky. After balloon chasing, we changed into "bar clothes" and when we sauntered in discovered a boy band that was absolutely amazing. I didn't catch their name, but they were legit and made all the ladies dance. Overall, it was a great time and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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