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Madison Park

On a sunny week day I walked to the playground from my car in my vintage "mom" jean shorts and t-shirt ready to capture some awesome memories. I had all my camera equipment ready and waiting to be used and I'd have to say we hit it out of the park on this one! It was such a pleasure to work with this family. Both brother and sister were absolutely adorable. They smiled together, tickled each other, and also wanted to do their own thing when it came time to run around the playground.

I had never used this location for a session before, but it was a great location! I let the kids run around the park and have fun while occasionally asking for a smile. My goal is to let the kids enjoy themselves and not make them feel like they are just a prop. I want them to have fun during our session! I think both the kids and I had fun running around a beautiful afternoon. Go view the full image gallery today!

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