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Beach Hair, Don't Care

I have never been on a proper beach vacation so when my boyfriend and I decided to go to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for the long Memorial Day weekend let's just say I was a tad excited. We stayed at a hotel right on the beach with a fantastic patio overlooking the ocean. We didn't realize until the end of the trip, just how nice that patio was. Waking up, walking right outside and seeing the ocean is an amazing feeling.

We did all of the normal beach vacay things like lay out on the beach for hours and walk with the sand between our toes. We got seafood on several occasions and found a yummy spot locals frequented called Crab Catchers. Everyone kept telling us to go to these chain restaurants, but we wanted something more unique. If you're looking for delicious drinks near Myrtle Beach, definitely go there!

I brought one of my cameras with me so we could take pictures, but I didn't bring my laptop with me to edit those pictures, so I am quite behind on editing. I will definitely bring my laptop on our next adventure. All in all, the trip was relaxing. I needed some sun, fun, salty air and beach hair.

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