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Red is My Signature Color

I've always loved the color red. Red is fierce. It excites. It's bold and makes you feel something. Red is my signature color. I own a lot of red items. I have a vintage red blazer that is just great, red pants, and a red winter pea coat. My love of red is a reason I bought this red blouse.

I was at a garage sale this summer and I knew I was about to find some good vintage treasures when I walked up the driveway. The couple hosting the garage sale was an elderly couple with unique items. I found this red blouse, a creme open V neck blouse, and a grey and white blazer with a matching belt. I love to find interesting pieces at garage sales. At first glance you don't see an item's worth or you don't see it at all because you have to dig in a big pile of jumbled clothes, but then you do see the item for all its true glory upon further examination.

Another example of a piece of treasure I found is the purse I'm wearing with this red blouse outfit. I found it at a thrift store and knew it was vintage. I told myself I didn't need another black vintage purse, but then I looked closer and saw that it was made in Italy. It looked to be from the 60's. I couldn't pass up a black straw bag from the 60's! So I bought it. I haven't regretted it since.

If you're looking for a similar red blouse go to Etsy. I found similar ones here and here. As for the black straw bag check out this item.

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