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Picking out invitations can thrill and excite some, while others get anxious with the very thought of selecting the perfect puzzle piece to complete their event or special occasion. Basic Invite makes it easy for anyone to choose invitations.

Why I do I love their invitations? Their vast selection of color options is almost unlimited. They have over 180 different color options! That is a good way. They want your invitation to be amazing down to the last detail. They even have over 40 different colors of envelopes, making your invitation truly unique.

What kind of invitations do they offer? Basic Invite offers an invitation for a variety of events. They have beautiful wedding invitations, regal graduation invitations, and even cheap sweet 16 invitations.

Do they deliver samples? Yes, they do! I ordered samples for the photographs below. Basic Invite offers custom samples so you can see how your invitation will print and the quality of the paper you selected before placing your final order.

When I received these samples in the mail I was so excited to start photographing this project! Basic Invite let me choose my favorite samples and I ordered 6 delightful ones. I used props around my house and was happy with the result. I used my vintage accessories that are currently on display on my vanity for the antique-looking wedding invitation because I wanted to play on the antique feel. I used my graduation cords for the graduation invite. I knew those cords would come in handy again some day (haha). I also borrowed my roommate's fuzzy chair cover and used my fresh flowers from Valentine's Day.

It's funny how things around your house can make for great photographs. My personal favorite is the Floral Stripe Bridal Shower Invitation photo. The baby's breath and fuzzy background made for a great aesthetic.

All in all, remember to use Basic Invite for all your special event needs. Their vast selection of invitations are sure to please. Their invitations can be custom made, easily and quickly ordered, and they have excellent customer service. I know I had a great time collaborating with them and will use them in the future.

Contact me if you have any questions regarding Basic Invite!

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