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Photoshop Fun

I had some Photoshop fun this week. I experimented with different backgrounds and just went with what I was inspired by that day. The first image I knew I wanted a starry night sky background. I was feeling astrological. My favorite one is the middle one! I love the transparent theme and how fiercely 70's it looks. Now, the the third one. I've had this pink antique background in my arsenal for some time and never found a good graphic to use it with, so I used me. The original background is a lighter pink but I overlaid the pink with a deeper burgundy. I took that color from my lipstick!

The twin pant set I got at Salvation Army. Someone had hemmed the pants at the bottom to make them shorter, which worked in my favor! It wasn't the best hem job. The thread is a tan color instead of blue, which would've blended better with the fabric. I am still really happy with it though. It's so comfy! I did a poll on my Instagram asking if my followers what they thought of an edit and I got overwhelmingly positive results. What do you think of the edits? Would you like to see more of these? Message me in the contact me page to let me know.

#Fashion #VintageFashion #GraphicDesign #Art #Design #Photography

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