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It helps to have a model as a roommate! We took these pictures on our patio on a warmer fall day. It is now about 10 degrees here in Cleveland and we have about 5 inches of snow on the ground. A lot has happened since my last blog post.

I found out that I got laid off from my full time job as a Digital Marketing Specialist at a lighting company. So I am on the job hunt. In the mean time I have spent quality time with my family. We went to see the Jazz Age Exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Art. It was amazing! The pure aesthetic of the time was absolutely breathtaking. The clean, geometric lines, the sparkles on dresses, and innovative automobiles were fresh and inviting. I was drooling over the beautiful craftsmanship of the intricate flapper dresses and coats. I love the freedom expressed through clothing. Times were changing then and they've been slowly changing ever since. I highly recommend visiting the exhibit.

I also have spent time with friends. I got to see my best friend from Texas and I will be sharing more on that experience in my next blog post!

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