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Fuchsia Fun

It was half off everything at my favorite Salvation Army and I wasn't finding anything until I pulled this out of the dress section. It is a 1980's piece of pink perfection. The bolero is attached to the jumpsuit. The entire thing is one piece that zips up the back. It's crazy to see how pieces are constructed together. I always look at the inside of a garment thoroughly before I buy it. This is especially helpful when purchasing vintage items.

The necklace is a recent purchase from Kohl's and I got the Marc Fisher boots from the same Salvation Army during a previous trip. I write this from my couch to which I have been glued to the last few days with strep throat. I am finally feeling better! A lot of sicknesses are going around and I hope those of you reading this are the lucky few that haven't caught anything. Stay healthy and happy!

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