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Amber Glow

We used our yellow wall to our advantage! I hauled my floor lamp downstairs from my room to create a warm glow for a vintage look in these pictures. All of the outfits shown here are a part of my recent vintage finds.

The purple/blue late 1960's dress was found by my mother at a church bag sale. When she told me she found these psychedelic-looking dresses, I knew they had to be good! She sent me picture of this one and my jaw dropped. Gorgeous! She sent me a picture of her wearing it and I honestly think it looks better on her, so she may have to keep this one for herself. The striped blue and white outfit I found at Salvation Army for like $2.00. Not pictured here is the matching skirt I wore with the top.

The sweet little floral dress I purchased online from a lovely online vintage shop. I love following them on Instagram and getting their email newsletters. Check out Soiree Vintage's website here. I highly recommend them if you're interested in quality vintage!

I hadn't been vintage and thrift shopping as much lately with everything I've had going on, but I recently purchased some more, so I am back!

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