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I had the opportunity to attend a private MILLY fashion show and it was a great time! I met Michelle Smith, the co-founder and creative director. She seemed like a genuinely nice person. I've followed MILLY for years so this was a really exciting night for me. The fashion show was at Saks Fifth Avenue in the Beachwood mall, which is the same mall I used to work at. I didn't have time to stop by Nordstrom and say hi, but I will have to soon!

The fashion show was a presentation of the Fall 2017/Spring 2018 collection. There was everything from a comfortable creme cropped sweater to a red hot flowing long sleeved dress perfect for date night. It's exciting to see everyone's faces as the looks came down the runway. I made a few new connections and ate the yummy appetizers. It was great to see a live fashion show and meet the person behind the brand.

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