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Risen Vintage Presets

Thank you so much for being here! I am beyond thrilled to share these presets with you all! I worked so hard to perfect my photography editing style and now I'm sharing it with you! These presets are my starting point when I am editing an image. They are the bread of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. The seed that grows into a beautiful tree. You get the "picture." Explore the possibilities of what these presets can do below and watch how I use the presets in my how-to video!


You will receive EIGHT of my presets. That’s right, EIGHT Risen Vintage Presets for $100. These presets are for both desktop and mobile versions of Lightroom. You'll receive the presets as XMP files. Don't worry, I include a helpful guide to walk you through importing them!

The Breakdown:


Risen Vintage 01

Risen Vintage 02

Risen Vintage 03

Risen Vintage 04 - Fluorescent Lights

Risen Vintage 05 - Orange-Toned Lights

Risen Vintage 06 - Cloudy Day

Risen Vintage 07 - B&W 01

Risen Vintage 08 - B&W 02

The first three presets are my go-to presets I use the most often. Risen Vintage 03 is my absolute favorite! It’s the one I use the majority of the time.

The middle three presets are for tricky lighting situations. They help you with the harshness of fluorescent lights, incandescent orange-toned lights, and a super cloudy day outside.

The last two presets are black and white! I love to use these to enhance the mood. The tones they create are beautiful!


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