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Photography Mentorships


I absolutely love learning! Do you know what I also love? Teaching. I love teaching people what I’ve learned so that they can apply it to their lives and businesses. Growing up with my mom as a teacher contributed to my love of learning and helping others. Yay, mom!


Helping others is in my DNA and comes naturally to me. That’s why I decided to start this mentorship program. I genuinely want to help photographers improve their skills and their businesses.


This mentorship program is for anyone! If you want to chat about photography, I’m here. If you’re just starting out, I’m here. If you want some advice from a fellow professional, I’m here. So what are you waiting for?! Look over the mentorship packages and contact me today to book a session!


In this 60-minute session, we will have a phone call or a video call. We can talk about topics like camera settings, client experience, contracts, and branding.

The conversation is in your hands! I am an open book and will answer any unanswered questions you may have. 

Cost: $100


In this 90-minute session, we will meet in person anywhere within 50 miles of Whites Creek, TN (additional cost for outside of this area). For this session, you will send me questions ahead of time and I will have prepared answers with links to videos or my notes.


We can talk about anything from camera settings to client experience! We'll have time to get to know each other and focus on what you need the most help with.

Cost: $200


You will have both a 90-minute in-person session and a 60-minute styled shoot with your choice of a family or a couple. 

For the styled shoot, you will learn about posing and prompts, how to make people feel comfortable and lighting situations. This option will help better your photography experience and build your portfolio.

Cost: $400

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